User Base of Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV)

Just saw a slide from Marko regarding the state of Dynamics 365 Business Central aka Dynamics NAV and thought I’d like to share.

This is just for Dynamics NAV, not including any other Dynamics 365 products.

Quite amazing numbers…

4 thoughts on “User Base of Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV)

  1. Alex Chow says:

    Not sure if I completely agree with that. In my previous blog articles, I wrote about the curious case of Business Central users. It seems they’re targeting both the mid level companies and small (QB) users. However, I can definitely see some of our larger customers move to Business Central. The problem is to migrate all of the codes and processes into extensions…

  2. Ahmed Amini says:

    The number one issue large customers have is performance and large db. What has Ms done for them.

  3. Ian Ray says:

    Those are great figures. NAV is quite the empire. I would add that a healthy portion of the ~50,000 GP customers may be migrated to Business Central in the coming years. I would also argue that Quickbooks customers are perhaps not the best fit for D365BC, but many GP customers have requirements that are a perfect fit.

    One thing I would question is how many of the 160,000 customers are on 2009? I feel like announcing the 160,000 number is similar to when Microsoft used to publish impressive Internet Explorer usage figures with a large percentage being businesses stuck on Internet Explorer 6.

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