Full lot control tracking

Process manufacturing

Picking by first expiration first out

Material cost accounting

Quality control management

Expiration date lead time management

Using Dynamics 365 Business Central (a.k.a. Dynamics NAV), we can help you keep track of the all-important lot information from the products coming in the door, through the manufacturing process, to final packaging.

Often times, food products are perishable. You will want to either use or ship the oldest products in the warehouse based on the Expiration Date. With Dynamics 365 Business Central (a.k.a. Dynamics NAV), you will automatically know which products are approaching expiration and where they are in your storage.

In addition, when you customers buys goods from you, they will demand a certain expiration date when the products gets to their door. Our Expiration Date Lead Time Management allows you to control which products to pick based on the client’s demand from you.

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