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Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we are able to integrate shipping information to the back office while keeping track of costing details of imported goods and manufactured items. In addition, using Microsoft Dynamics NAV conveniently integrates all of your business processes together and eliminates the need for maintaining multiple software packages to run your business.

Take advantage of Dynamics NAV’s newest features

Leverage the flexibility and scalability of Dynamics NAV in the cloud

Reduce the upfront cost of Dynamics NAV by putting your solution on to the cloud. This will dramatically reduce your over-worked IT team so they can focus on other areas of your business.

Leverage the flexibility and scalability of Dynamics NAV in the cloud

Want access to the data in your ERP system and you only have your tablet with you? No problem. With Dynamics NAV built-in mobile interface, you can access Dynamics NAV while you’re on the road.

Integrate with Office 365, Sharepoint, and other Microsoft products

Leverage your Dynamics NAV investment by having it integrate with the other products you already own and use. There is no additional integration software you need; it will just work out of the box.

We love Dynamics NAV because…

Microsoft Dynamics NAV connects your entire business

You can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to replace as much or as little of your existing system as necessary. You choose from application areas for financial management, manufacturing, distribution, customer relationship management, and shipping integration with major carriers.

It lets you run your business the way you want

We work closely with you using our proven implementation methodology and tools. Together, we will map out your business processes and identify your competitive strengths. Dynamics NAV allows us to tailor fit the solution to your unique way of doing business; your competitive advantage. Not the other way around.

You get real-time data about your business

Every time a transaction is posted—anywhere within the system—all customer, vendor, account, and item totals are given in real time. You can zero in on details by filtering information (for example, by date, account, or item number) and always rely on the absolute accuracy of the information.

You get more out of customer relationships

All your business information—customer, product, inventory, sales—is integrated, so you can make better decisions. You know which accounts need your immediate attention, and which can wait. And you can target your sales and marketing campaigns based on specific criteria, such as sales, contact profiles, and previous interactions.

It helps you master change

Information is transparent, whether you use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage the back office, the warehouse, or the shop floor. If a customer calls to change his order in the last minute, for example, you can check the production status, and adjust plans immediately from the sales order.

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