Displaying the Serial Numbers by Bins in Bin Contents


In standard Dynamics 365 Business Central, if you enabled the Lot Warehouse Tracking in the Item Tracking Codes, you’re able to see a nice breakdown of what’s in the Bins when you go to the Bin Contents page:

Lot No by Bin

You can show this factbox using the Personalize tool in the Setup page.

The Serial Number Problem

What if your company uses Serial Numbers in the warehouse tracking? Without paying a developer to create this page for you, you’re basically out of luck!

Until now!

Not sure why Microsoft decided not to include the Serial Numbers by Bin out of the box, but we added this app available FOR FREE on Appsource.

We don’t feel right for customers of Business Central to pay for something that really should be out of the box.

Here’s a quick video on the app:

Here’s the link to the Appsource app:




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