Import Budget into Excel in Dynamics NAV RTC

When you’re working in the RTC environment in the G/L Budgets, the standard NAV function is that you can export the Budgets into Excel, edit it, then import it back in in the same Excel format. This works fine in the classic client, however, when you try to import the budget in Excel in the RTC environment, you get the error message:

Dates have not been recognised in the Excel worksheet

The problem, as explained by my local Microsoft rep, is caused by the Dynamics NAV server recognizing the field in Datetime instead of just regular date. The solution to this problem is to modify report 81 with the following object.


The code for the changes is found here:

4 thoughts on “Import Budget into Excel in Dynamics NAV RTC

  1. Kerry Rosvold says:

    Alex – Can you also simply change the format in Excel to match the datetime format NAV is requiring? Does this refer to the months that serve as the budget column headers?

  2. Alex Chow says:

    I don’t know. I haven’t tried it yet. Even if it does work, I wouldn’t ask the end users to do this. For the end users, I’d rather not have them mess with the format of the file. It should be Export Out in Excel, then Import it back in without any additional edits.

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