Inventory Value to General Ledger Reconcilation in Dynamics NAV

I recently signed up to be a guest columnist on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV community site. I wrote an article with the list of common steps to finding and reconciling the difference between your inventory valuation and the inventory G/L account. The article is posted in the Dynamics NAV Community site hosted by Microsoft.

The article is found here:

Again, the focus is to save you time so you can go home on time.

4 thoughts on “Inventory Value to General Ledger Reconcilation in Dynamics NAV

  1. Ted Johnston says:

    Will the report you wrote also pick up instances where the CFO rolls the GL Posting date forward for the user that runs adjust/post cost but allows accounting to post into previous periods?

    In our example, Accounting posts drop ships back to the date when they shipped. So, during the first week of the month, many receive/invoice and ship/invoice postings are dated in the previous month. Then, when adjust/post cost runs at night, the G/L values are forced into the current period.

  2. Alex Chow says:

    The posting date of the Adjust Cost Item Entries process in NAV is based on the Allow Posting From field on the General Ledger Setup. What we typically recommend our client is to finish all of your month end postings, run the adjust cost process, then change the Allow Posting From.

    For your case, you probably have to ask your CFO to hold up changing the Allow Posting From on the General Ledger Setup. Rather, use the field of the same name in the User Setup to restrict people from backdate posting.

  3. Allister says:


    Thanks for your article

    We are running Nav Dynamics 5.1 – is Report 10138 available in Version 5.1. if not how does one doe teh reconcilaition of Inventory to GL.



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