Price does not find the Lowest Price

Working with Navision for the last 12 years, there are certain functionality that you assumed worked a certain way. I was under the impression that Navision always finds the lowest price whent he sales order is entered. Recently, one of our customer pointed me to the contrary.

Note that this scenerio will only occur if an item has a Sales Price and a Sales Discount setup. If the Allow Line Discount is checked off on the Sales Price, NAV will not use the best price for the customer if a Line Discount gives a lower price for the customer.

It will always use the price on the Sales Price. The reason, from the explanation I got, is that the contract price (on the Sales Price table) should take precedence over any discounts given to the customer.

For our client, it doesn’t make sense because as a service to their customers, if they promised the lowest price available it should be the lowest price available. Again, we had to create extra logic to consider the discounted price as part of the lowest price given to the customer.

So if your client gives special pricing and a discount, you will need to ask the client whether the special price takes precedence.

6 thoughts on “Price does not find the Lowest Price

  1. Tim says:

    Did I understand this correctly? You criticize that the line discounts for a price line are ignored unless the mark in the box “Allow Line Discount” is set? This is exactly what I expect from the field.

  2. Alex Chow says:

    If you leave this check box on, it’ll give the contract price in addition to the line discount. There’s no option in NAV to use the lowest price from sales price table or the sales discount line table.

  3. Tim says:

    Sorry, but I don’t understand. I use a standard Cronus database. I set up a new item an there are two price lines for a special customer.

    Unit Price | Allow Line Disc.
    1000 | No
    1200 | Yes

    And one line discount:

    Min. Qty. | Line Discount %
    5 | 30

    Create a new sales order, quantity is 5, and the second price line with the discount is used. Change the line discount from 30 to 10 or change the quantity in the sales order from 5 to 4 and the first price line without discount is used.

    That is exactly what I expect and I don’t understand where the problem occurs that you describe. Maybe it is related to a localization with “contract prices”?

  4. Alex Chow says:

    From the CRONUS database do the following:
    1. Find item 1000 – Bicycle (it should have unit price of $4,000.00)
    2. Click on Sales –> Prices.
    3. Set the Sales Type to All Customers and Unit Price to $3,900.00. Check OFF Allow Line Discount.
    4. Go back to the item card and click on Sales –> Line Discount.
    5. Set the Sales Type to All Customers and set the Line Discount % to 50.

    When you enter a sales line, NAV does not use the lowest price. The lowest price in this case should be $4,000.00 with the 50% discount. However, NAV uses the sales price table by default and never considers the lower price offered through line discounts.

  5. Kishor says:

    I think there is a bit of confusion here…

    Tim is right in saying that Nav will take line discounts into account when calculating the best price – but this is only in later versions as earlier versions did just return the lowest price disregarding any possible line discount.

    However Alex is also right in his example that nav would return the price of $3,900 but this is not because of line discounts, it’s because nav only uses the “unit price” on the item card if it can’t find any applicable sales prices.

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