Survive and Thrive using Dynamics NAV in Any Economy

Companies that bought Dynamics NAV and make continuous improvements in the system are less likely to go out of business or sold off.

Informal Research
This was the conclusion I had while I was speaking with my fellow Dynamics NAV (Navision) partners. The question I asked was this:

Have any of your customers, who is active before the recession, during the recession, and now, gone out of business or have been sold?

When we partners say customers are “active”, we mean customers that frequently calls us to request new functions, ask our opinion when there is a new business problem, automating and sometimes obliterating their process to become more efficient. Not active meaning they only call you for bugs and error messages they can’t resolve on their own.

“Active” customers also means that they’re using Dynamics NAV as their primary ERP system. This means they’re not running parallel with some other accounting or ERP software.

The answer I got back from the partners was a resounding no. Meaning that companies that make continuous improvements to their Dynamics NAV system before and during the recession until now have survive and thrived.

My Question for You
Of course, this is only based on the partners I speak with at Directions and does not qualify for actual formal research.

I’d like to hear from you from your experiences. Has any of your Dynamics NAV customers that were “active” before the recession, during the recession, and now ever gone out of business or being sold?

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