We’re Changing How We Manage Marketplace Subscriptions

We at AP Commerce are always striving to provide the best service to our clients. Whether it’s our clients that have chosen us as their partner of choice, or our marketplace customers that subscribe to use our apps to help them succeed!

This post is for our current Marketplace Customers.

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Transact to give you the ability to set up and control your subscription from within the Microsoft ecosystem. We’ve evaluated Microsoft Transact against our current subscription service and have made the decision to move to Microsoft’s service.

Why Microsoft Transact?

Microsoft Transact offers a range of benefits that align perfectly with our commitment to excellence:

  1. Integration: The integration of Microsoft Transact with our existing apps is exceptionally smooth, ensuring minimal disruption to your subscription service.
  2. Security: Your financial data security remains a top priority for us. Microsoft Transact provides robust security measures that will keep your information safe and sound.
  3. User-Friendly: We know that convenience matters. Microsoft Transact simplifies the payment process, making it easier for you to manage your subscriptions effortlessly.

What will be different with your subscriptions?

There will be 2 big changes to the subscription model.

First, app subscriptions will be moved to a licensed user model instead of unlimited users. This does not mean that you will need to purchase a license for every user! Only the users that need to use the core functionality of our apps will need to be licensed.

Next, we will not be able to offer unlimited testing in Sandbox environments. We will be offering a 1-month free trial with the subscriptions going forward.

OK, so what happens next?

We know that the end of the year is typically the busy season! Our plan is to give everyone time to switch to the new subscription model to avoid any interruptions to their daily lives. You will need to switch to the Microsoft Transact subscription by April 2024 with the release of Business Central 2024 Wave 1.

We are still rolling out the Microsoft Transact updates to our apps, and want to help make the switch to the new subscription model as easy as possible.  When you are ready to move to the Microsoft Transact subscription, please reach out to support@apcdynamics.com and we will assist you making the move.

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