Freight Container Receiving Management Version 1.5 Available Now!

We’re thrilled to announce we just released our awesome Freight Container Receiving Management app, Version 1.5, and you can get it now from the Business Central app marketplace. Thanks to your input, we’ve added some awesome features that will make your work easier and faster.

Here are some of the highlights of this update:

Split purchase lines between containers: Manage multiple containers with ease and efficiency. Allocate purchase lines to different containers in a few clicks.

Allocate tariffs and duties: Save time and avoid errors by assigning tariffs and duties charges to your purchases within the app, ensuring accurate costs.

Improved Lot and Serial No. tracking: Easily track the lot and serial numbers of your items in each container. This helps you to keep track of your inventory, avoid errors and ensure data consistency.

You can get the latest update from the Business Central Marketplace or ask your partner for help. We really appreciate your support and feedback. You helped us make this awesome new version that makes container processing a breeze in Business Central. Let us know what you think!

Learn more here.

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