Sales Commission by Cash Receipt for Dynamics 365 Business Central


For some companies, commissions are a big part of their salespeople’s compensation. However, the standard commission report from Dynamics 365 Business Central is based on sales, not cash receipt? This can lead to some problems, especially if your customers have a long payment terms.

For example, let’s say your salesperson sells a product for $10,000 with a 10% commission. The standard commission report will show that your salesperson earned $1,000 in commission, even if the customer doesn’t pay for the product for 30 days. But if the customer doesn’t pay, your salesperson won’t actually get the commission.

Traditionally, to resolve this accounting will need to do the following:
1. Run a cash received report for all of the invoices for the period
2. Bring up the invoices and figure out which lines are commissionable and which lines are not. Typically companies only pay commission on item sales
3. Prepare a report detailing what is owed to the salespeople

The problem compounds when there are partial payments to an invoice. Now it’s really fun to figure out how much commission is to be paid.

These problems can lead to inaccurate commission reports. At best, you could end up overpaying your salespeople. At worst, you’ll waste hours and hours reconciling and arguing the commissions with your sales department.


We have an app that will calculate the amounts that are commissionable and not commissionable based on the cash receipt that is applied against the invoice.

Take a look at the details here:

The app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Appsource by clicking here:

Sales Commission by Cash Receipt


Every company will have different ways to calculate and pay their commission. However, one common theme we come across is that they always start the calculation with the cash they received from the customer.

This app will get you the information you need. From there, you can use the numbers to calculate the proper commission for your sales staff.

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